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How to turn OFF/ON updates in windows 10.

If you are facing internet speed issues or Processor speed issue while connected to internet, you can solve it very easily by following these steps.

  1. Go to search in windows menu.
    Start window

                                  Start window menu

  2. Write ‘administrative tool’ and press enter to search

    Windows menu

  3. Scroll down and select services and click on it.
    Administration tools

                            Administration tools

  4. Then scroll down again and search windows update. Click on windows update.

Administration tools

  1. Look at the startup type. If it is manual then your system updates are ON.
    Administration tools



  2. If you want to turn OFF updates click on “Manual” then scroll down and press “disable” in the list. If you want to stop updates immediately then click on “stop”. Then press ok.

    Now you have stopped and disabled updates, Enjoy your internet and processor speed.
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