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Record Screen Activity in Windows 10

Record Screen Activity in Windows 10

Hello everyone, we are going to highlight a solution to one of the great problem which were faced by many of people in past, and the problem is Screen recording in your PC.
Windows 10 has this great functionality builtin, but many of us have no idea about this. So now we will show you ‘How to record screen activity in windows 10’ in a few steps.
Actually the video recording tool is part of the Xbox app that already installed by default in Windows 10. Xbox Game Bar recently received some major updates to make it more useful, so you can now take screenshots and even make memes.

Game DVR

Step 1: Open the application you want to record.(There are some programs, on which this functionality is not working. Such as on desktop, file-manager, but works on regular applications which were downloaded from Store or any other websites such as desktop apps).

Step 2: To open the Game Dialogue, press the Windows key and G at the same time.


Step 3: Check the checkbox “Yes, this is a game”. It will load the Game Bar.

Step 4: Now whenever you want to record the screen activity. Click on the recording button. It will start recording.
You can also use a shotcut keys for this activity directly by pressing (Win + Alt + R).

Recording Menu

Step 5:To Stop recording click on the stop button. By clicking this button it will disappear and then press Win + G keys at a time to bring the Game Bar back.

Stop Recording button

Now you’ll find your recorded videos, which are MP4 files, under the Videos folder in a subfolder called Captures.
You’ll also find them in the Xbox app under the Game DVR menu, where you can trim a video and share it on Xbox live (if it’s a game).

Game DVR Files

The Xbox recording tool can also be uesd to take screenshots. Instead of clicking the recording button, click the camera icon on the Game Bar or Win+Alt+PrtScn.

Hope, you enjoyed our trick. Thanks for watching.

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