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Make USB bootable (Burn ISO file)

Make USB bootable (Burn ISO file)

How to burn windows ISO file in Flash Drive.

  1. Download iso to usb application. https://en.softonic.com/download/iso-to-usb/windows/post-download?sl=1 and install it. Open ISO to USB
  2. Click on Browse and go to the location where windows iso file is saved. Click on Refresh if your usb is not showing in drive. Leave the FAT32 file system by default. And then label the volume, the label must not be greater than 11 characters.
    ISO to USB
  3. Click on bootable, only supports Windows bootable ISO image. And then click on Burn.
    isoto usb 2
  4. You must have format usb drive for burning a windows ISO image therefore click on OK to erase the USB drive.
    iso to usb 3
  5. After erasing USB drive start windows burning to USB drive by clicking Burn.
    iso to usb 4
  6. After sometime the windows will be burn on the USB drive. Click on “Close” to close the burning process.

    Now you have made your USB bootable. Use your bootable usb to install windows and enjoy.

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