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How to Setup VPN in Windows 7 using VpnBook

How to Setup VPN in Windows 7 using VpnBook

Vpn -hackstodayNowadays Everyone is using VPN for Internet Freedom . Many of you must have used VPN softwares like Hotspot Shield or

Spot Flux etc but sometimes your browsing speed is too slow on these Software based VPNs due to high traffic.

To overcome these problems you have to setup your own VPN either Paid VPN or Free Available VPNs  on the Internet.

Windows 7 has internal functionality to setup your own Private VPN , following are few easy steps showing  how to do that.

Here we are will use the Free VPN service named vpnbook.com .

1.Go to Control Panel

2.Open Network and Sharing Center

3.Click on Setup New Connection or Network

setup your own vpn

4. In Connection Option click on Connect to a Workplace

setup your own vpn

5.Now Choose the first Option Use my Internet Connection (VPN)

setup your own vpn

6.Enter  euro195.vpnbook.com    or     euro213.vpnbook.com in Internet Address Field

setup your own vpn

7.Type any Destination name like VPN etc and Click Next

8. In Username type vpnbook

9.In Password type chaMUD27 (Vpn Book changes password periodically please Visit this page to get the latest password

setup your own vpn

10.Click Connect

You have Done ! Your username and password will be verified and your Computer will be registered on the Network . Now enjoy Internet Surfing with full Freedom .


setup your own vpn setup your own vpn

You Can Connect or Disconnect your VPN from the Connection Icon located at Taskbar Notification Area .


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