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How To Create Web Server On Windows PC using Wamp Server

How To Create Web Server On Windows PC using Wamp Server

How To Create Web Server On Windows PC using Wamp ServerWeb Developers use Local Web-Servers to test sites on local PC and make changes accordingly. Configuring a Local server on Windows  Pc is just a few seconds away with the help of  WAMP SERVER application for Windows OS. WAMP stands for Windows Apache, MySQL and PHP. Apache is the web server, PHP is the programming language that many sites are written in , and MySQL is the database which stores the information for programs. PHP is used to access this database.

wamp server

1.Download latest Version of WampServer from here

2.Run Installation


3. Choose I accept the agreement and click Next


4. This is the Directory where your Wamp Server files will exists, you can change it or leave it default.


5. Create a desktop Shortcut if you wish .


6. Continue the installation by clicking Next.


7. Installation Wizard will start Extracting Files


8. A pop-up will appear asking you to choose your Browser, You can Change it to Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox etc. The Default is Internet Explorer.


9. Click Yes if you Want to Install the Sample Wamp Server Homepage.


10. Installation Wizard will start Finishing the Installation process .


11 .You Can Change it or Leave as it is .


12. Click finish to Launch Wamp Server.


13. Left Click the Wamp Server Icon in the taskbar area and Click on PUT ONLINE.


14. Browse to the www files Directory you will see Sample Wamp Server Homepage file ( index.php) .


15. Now point your browser to http://localhost to Confirm the Services are Running Correctly


 Now you Can testing your Sites Locally by copying files to the www directory or you can install  CMS like WordPress , Joomla , Drupal etc .

Feel Free to Ask Questions if you have in the Comment Box Below.

In my Next post i will cover how to Put Online this Server to the Internet for Public and access it from anywhere .

Stay Tuned !

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