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Add post on instagram from PC

Add post on instagram from PC


instagram on computer

A person can’t post a new post or picture directly on instagram from computer(PC), Here we will guide you how to post on instagram on your PC in the following steps:

First of all run your browser from your PC and go to www.instagram.com and login to your account.
After that you will have to Inspect Elements in your browser.

In different browsers there are different steps to go to this mode-(Inspect Elements).

Google Chrome (Instagram):

In Chrome click right-button of mouse and select ‘inspect elements’ in given options or press ‘Ctrl+Shift+I’ to go to inspect element mode.

Select your mobile version on above,left. As there in this picture ‘Galaxy S5’ is been selected. The screen will look like as,

post on Instagram from pc

Computer-PC browser mobile view

Now in the bottom of the small view you have the camera icon to add new post. Add new post/picture and enjoy your instagram on PC-mobile version.


In Safari Go to Safari > Preferences > Advanced and then check ‘Show Develop menu in menu bar’ at the bottom. After this open a browsing window. Go to Develop > User Agent > Safari-IOS -Iphone.


To toggle responsive design in Mozilla firefox there are three ways.

  1. Select ‘Responsive Design Mode’ From the Web Developer sub-menu in browser menu or tools menu.
  2. In firefox go to ‘developer tools’ and press ‘Responsive Design Mode’ button to toggle responsive design.
  3. Or in shortcut code, press Ctrl+Shift+M or Cmd+Opt+M on OS X.

Now use full functionally instagram on your PC.

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