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Creating Database directly in phpMyAdmin

Creating database in phpMyAdmin is not a big deal now. Here is very easy way to create database and use it.

First of all run your xampp server and start apache and MySql.

Create database:

Add a new database on clicking on new from the left menu.
Creating New Database

Now enter the name for database as pointed in the screenshot and click on the create button,

Database Name

You have created a database now. To add table in your new database enter the table name in the input field and no of columns as required.

Adding Table

Adding the table detail:

Enter the column name, type, length and all required detail. Now click on save button to add that column in the table.

Adding table detail

Column is added successfully. Now you can add more columns by clicking ‘Go’ button after selecting the place and numbers of columns to add more.

Table Created

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