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Create android application-apk for your website

Create android application-apk for your website

If you have a responsive website and want to create an android application for your site, then android user can use and access to your site very easily.
Nowadays creating an apk file is not a big issue, everyone can create a web browser application in a minute. Here we discussing all the steps one by one, follow these step and enjoy your own application.

  1. Visit the website by clicking Web2app.
  2. Click on ‘Create App’ in the header as shown below.

creating apk image

  1. Now you have to enter your application URl, App Title and Application icon the required fields as shown.
    Creating apk file- Hacktoday
  2. Now click on “CREATE MY APP” to create a simple application apk file.
  3. If you want to add more advance options to your application, click on “Show Advanced Settings”, it will open new fields on the screen. Now you have to fill all the fields one by one.
  4. Screen Orientation: In screen orientation there are two options. Vertical Orientation and horizontal Orientation. If you want to open the application in vertical mode then you have to select “Vertical Orientation” and vice versa.
  5. Welcome Screen: Here Welcome message is shown when a user open your application.
  6. Network Error Screen: In this Section you have to add a message which is shown to the user when he/she is not connected to the internet.
  7. Exit Screen: Exit Screen Message shown up when a user want to exit the application.
  8. In the last field choose “USER CAN NAVIGATE ANYWHERE FROM YOUR APP”.
  9. After filling all the field click on the “CREATE MY APP” button.
    Creating apk file
  10. Now your apk file is ready and downloaded. You can use it anywhere you want.

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